Just Head Bobbin’ and Moon Gazin’

I gotta say, I’m pretty surprised that Seven Lions was able to pull this off.  By sampling Above and Beyond’s classic song “You Got to Go,” the Santa Barbara native has found a nice synthesis between dubstep and trance.  The soothing, chromatic tones are taken in stride as Seven Lions adds his own distinct style to the song with some hard cuts and tight drops.  He never strays too far from the original track, but still finds a way to keep his remix interesting while still paying homage to the trance group.  The result is hypnotizing.  Maybe even above and beyond, if you will.  Ha.  See what I did there?  Below’s the drrty drrty.

“You Got to Go” (Seven Lions Remix) – Above and Beyond – Download

2 Responses

  1. […] you didn’t already check out Seven Lions‘ remix of “You Got to Go” by Above and Beyond (January Stinkbeats fan fav) then you are missing out on some serious stink. Luckily, Seven Lions […]

  2. […] Lions’ new EP and Single so here they are. I’m still a bigger fan of his remixes of Above and Beyond and Florence and the Machine but his original stuff is pretty close in stink-quality. I recommend […]

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