Take Your Precious Time

So apparently Nilow’s remix of Lisa Mitchell’s “Neopolitan Dreams” has been floating around the interwebs for a while.  However, for the Stinkos and Stinkettes who haven’t yet had the pleasure- I’d like to introduce you to what could be one of your favorite songs of the new year.  It’ll certainly be one of mine.  Nilow combines the original track’s twinkling, lighthearted vibe with an unrelenting, super-heavy bassline for what seem to be a perfect synthesis.  The synthesizer carries you through the song while the music box tones keep you dreamin’ and smilin’.  It makes me think about lying on the beach, listening to the heavy crash of the waves, and watching overhead as the stars come out for what may as well be the first time.  Cheers to you, StinkyBeats listener.  Happy 2012.

Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Nilow Remix) – Download

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