Tommy Noble Engineers a Monster of a Track

I can’t tell you much about California-based duo Tommy Noble, but I can definitely say this: they know how to make a BEAST of an electro house track. They just dropped their debut EP on Big Fish Recordings, and standout song  “The Engineer” is one of the best electro releases I’ve heard in a while. It comes at you hard, with a sound reminiscent of Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody” but with more house influence.

Keep your ears open for more stinky goodness from these gents in the near future, and get at them on twitter and facebook in the meantime. Check out a preview of “The Engineer” below:

Tommy Noble – The Engineer (Original Mix)

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  1. […] Tommy Noble dropped a stink BOMB with this one. StinkyBeats has been slacking in the bass department recently, and for that I apologize, but buckle your stink-belt and get ready for the ride. Local Cali artists sent the stink track my way and I was blown to shreds and then basked in its glory. […]

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