Global Day 2

Such a welcome change of pace from Day 1, the second installment in GDF provided a clear shift in style from “bands” to “DJs.” While most of these “DJs” fall under the vogue subgenre of dubstep, a few house and hip hop artists played as well. Now let’s talk turkey, and by turkey I mean who played the best sets. I have to give the (turkey) cake to Zedd from Germany, with Skrillex in close second and Nero (above in the photo) in even closer third. As a testiment to Zedd’s skills, while he was spinning on stage Skrillex was having a drink backstage and talking to fans. Right when he dropped his remix of “Scary Monsters and Nice Spirites,” Skrillex jumps on stage, grabs the microphone and says “I think his remix is better than mine.” No wonder he gave Zedd his praise, his talent is remarkable and his songs had everyone rocking out the whole time.

SHM – Save the World (Zedd Remix) – Download

B.o.B. – Nothin’ On You (Zedd Remix)

Plan B – The Recluse (Nero Remix)

Bonus: The Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit) (Zedd Remix) – Download

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