One can easily notice how the three greatest influences on Nym‘s music are Ennio Morricone, Emancipator and RJD2. While listening to his latest album Warm Blooded Lizard, I find myself lost in a daydream, riding horseback through the barren Wild West of a past life. I am fully submerged in the world Nym has created; a picture painted to the tune of “tumbleweeds and six-shooters, chopped drums and outlaw territory.” This is a Western style score with a modern day spirit. In my opinion, it would have made a great soundtrack to Tarantino’s Kill Bill series. If you are a fan of any or all of the aforementioned artists, you will surely come to appreciate Nym as much as I have.

I am a true believer that quality music should be shared and supported on all levels, so fan his Facebook and give support HERE!

Nym – The Ballad of Dyan Owen

Nym – Redwood

Nym – Thistle (ft. Emancipator)

BONUS: In case you missed it, Nym’s mix of Anthem was the first song featured on the Emancipator Remixes CD:

Emancipator – Anthem (Nym Remix)

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  1. sounds really good, going on my playlist.

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