Not All Dubstep Is Skrillex

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, especially when it comes to music identification. I recently came across a random song branded as a Skrillex track called “Satellite Heart” featuring Anna Flex. The track was amazing, but sounded nothing like Skrillex’s signature heavy sound. After some sleuthing, I came across the real artist behind the track: dantini.

Dantini produces some of the most filthy, diverse sounding dubstep I’ve heard in while. His latest releases are super mellow and relaxing, while older tracks are as heavy as they come. Dantini also produces under the name Sphinxes for his sub-heavy sounds.

Here is the real version of the mislabeled Skrillex track. Some beautiful stink right here.

Anya Marina – Satellite Heart (dantini. remix) 

Dantini’s newest EP, I Am Frequency, is also available for free download HERE. Every track is super smooth, some perfect summer dub. Enjoy one of my favorite tracks below.

Dantini – A Place Called Summer 

9 Responses

  1. Amazing music… I love both of these tracks!

  2. Too bad the link doesn’t work =-\. Do you know where we can find the rest of his music?

  3. Unfortunately dantini. hosted the MediaFire file himself and I cant find the entire EP elsewhere. If you want the individual track “I Am Frequency” check here –

  4. if that’s the most beautiful stink you’ve heard, i feel sad for you. give the first half of episode 13 a listen:

    or anything really. underground and experimental dubstep at its finest.

    • Thanks for the tip! Low End artists always throw down but I’ve never listened to the podcasts.

  5. I wish this DJ crap would go away.

  6. Huxley is a good one too, this song makes me laugh.

  7. here’s the EP link for all that are looking for it…

  8. fx demo account…

    […]Not All Dubstep Is Skrillex « TheStinkyBeats[…]…

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