Emancipator Remixed


One of my all-time favorite artists, Emancipator, consistently produces music with smooth melodies, addictive drums, and a plethora of other instrumentals that flow seamlessly together.  He is unbelievably gifted, and most of the instruments you hear in his songs are his very own samples.  It should come as no surprise to the stink-munity that many well known DJ’s (Big Gigantic and Blockhead to name a few) have collaborated together to contribute remixes of their favorite Emancipator tracks.  Set to be released on June 21st, the Emancipator: Remixes CD has announced its first single – Ooah‘s remix of “First Snow.”  I hope you enjoy Emancipator’s music as much as I do, and are excited for this release!

Emancipator – First Snow (Ooah Remix) – Soundcloud Download

Emancipator – First Snow

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  1. […] has proven to be a great installment in Emancipators trio of CD releases. I still think Ooah‘s remix takes the cake, but I have bass-bias, let me know what you […]

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