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You may recall the post I wrote about Vexare, the ambitious young DJ out of Los Angeles.  I recently asked him if I could write a more formal post about his nasty dubstep music, to which he agreed.  To get things started, I applaud Vexare for his humbleness, maturity and talent, especially considering his age.  I have nothing but faith in his work and I’m certain you’ll see him at the next level in no time.  Be sure to catch his next show, Bass Jump, where he plays with Porter Robinson, Helicopter Showdown and Minnesota on June 4th in Fresno, CA at the Crest Theatre.  It’s going to be stinktastic.  The company he holds at this show should give you an idea of the sheer potential he has.  Without further introduction, I bring to you the first the first ever StinkyBeats interview with Vexare!

Vexare – Anthony Luvs Dub – Download


SB“What first got you into making dubstep?”

Vexare – “Well, at the beginning of eighth grade, my friends showed me dubstep, specifically DIRTY dubstep.  And at first, I didn’t know what to make of it, quite frankly it sounds like a a bunch of dry heaving/dog barking so at first me and all my friends thought it was positively HILARIOUS.  So and we went on a search for the dirtiest of the dirt finding Borgore, Excision, Datsik, Rusko, etc.”

SB“Right, the stinkiest of the stink”

Vexare – “…Well, one day I decided to continue my search at home, and I stumbled upon some more melodic dubstep, and my first reaction was ‘well, this isn’t funny….’  But as I listened I actually found it was a bit soothing.  Before that I had been a total trance junkie with some appreciation for hardstyle as well.  Later, when i came to appreciate electro-house, I think I kinda became more accepting of the dirtier stuff.”

SB“Great!  Who would you say are some of your main influences, other than the ones you’ve mentioned?”

Vexare – “It really kinda changes every week or so; I definitely take influence from the major names like Excision, Datsik, Flux, Cookie Monsta, and what not, but I also take a lot of electro influence from artists like Dirtyloud, Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner, Lucky Date, and Zedd.”

SB“If you could headline a show with any artist, who would you play with?”

Vexare – “That’s a tough one… I’d like to headline a show with Lucky Date, because when I was getting started, I watched all of his production tutorials on YouTube and I feel like he has had some major impact on how I handle my songs.”

SB“So what does ‘Vexare’ mean?”

Vexare – “‘Vexing’ is defined as agitating or annoying.”

SB – “Do you think your music is annoying to some?”

Vexare – “I picked the name back when I was producing trance and hardstyle, a lot of people at my school hate trance because they find it annoying and repetitive.  It was recommended as a name to me by a producer friend who was taking a course in Latin.  I think the name still works; a lot of people say dubstep gives them headaches, so there will always be plenty of people to annoy.”

SB – “Would you ever consider naming a song ‘Stinkyfresh'”?

Vexare – “I personally don’t think I could pull it off, I hear that name and I expect utter filth, honestly, I’ve still got a lot of trance integrated in my production style, I don’t know if I’d be able to pull it off”

SB – (See, I told you he was modest)

SB – “Is there any new music on the radar? Some filthy drops on the way?”

Vexare – “Yup!  Most of them (“New Tunes Teaser”) are getting released in about two weeks.”


After our interview, and having listened to his music for some time now, it is clear that he pulls his style from a number of different avenues.  His music is even reminiscent of 8-bit tunes found on the NES, a tender spot for most of us.  The talent he displays is truly one-of-a-kind.  On a closing note to Vexare – keep your style flexible, your beats stinky, your progression smooth, and your head up – you will be an all-star.

Vexare – Robot Noises (Album Minimix)

4 Responses

  1. nice interview! way to lock down a talk with some stinky beat masters, can hardly wait for more!

  2. […] Vexare, you know, that guy I’ve relentlessly been posting about, just announced a new mix set to be released on his upcoming album Robot Noises.  The song, “Find Yourself” feels far more melodic than his previous productions and maintains a relaxing progression throughout the entire composition.  The original track is more up-tempo and “clubby,” but Vexare does an incredible job at bringing Sarah Howells soothing vocals to life while adding his own flair into the mix.  Unfortunately for us, this track can’t be downloaded until John O’Callaghan gives the thumbs up, but soon enough you’ll be able to add it to your library.  Be sure to like him on Facebook and show your support! […]

  3. What is vexare’s full name/

  4. What is Vexare’s full name?

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