Need A Mood Lifter? I Got Your Back


Cosmonaut Grechko does it again and again. What he creates is bliss; Pure satisfaction and enjoyment in convenient .mp3 formatting.  Do you have some work to do today?  Are you feeling a little sad?  Is your room a little too fresh, and do you want to stink it up a bit more?  That’s what I’m here for.  Kick back and enjoy the summer to this 25 minute master-mix.  For more information on this artist, check here.

Cosmonaut Grechko – Alaska Mixtape – Soundcloud Download

3 Responses

  1. love it! the part where ‘too long’ comes in is dope, the whole thing is really!

  2. what song is the “i got to know you” part? at 10 minutes in?

    • The song is:

      Cosmonaut Grechko – All I Hear feat. She’s The Queen (Cosmo Black Remix)

      Keep on stinkin’ in the free world

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