Deathstar: You Heard It Here First


Deathstar is coming at you faster than you can say “Uncle Stink, your beats make me sh*t myself.”  So what the hell is Deathstar?  Deathstar is about to be the nastiest collabo’ you’ve ever heard.  I’m talking so nasty, you’ll need to change your underwear after you listen to each track.  In his most recent joint-venture, MartyParty has teamed up with up-and-comer Minnesota to fuse their bass intensified talents together.  You may recall a previous post I wrote about MartyParty and Minnesota, so to some extent I can be credited for masterminding the unison of the two.  Deathstar is going to bring new meanings to the word “stink”; my advice – go to your nearest Costco and stock up on diapers.  If the duo turns out music half as raunchy as PANTyRAiD, MartyParty’s tandem with Ooah, my stink hunger will be satisfied, as will yours.  Now, wet your beaks on these fat-ass mixes.

Amp Live – Turn It Up (MartyPatrty Remix) Download

Let Your Love Grow V.2 (Minnesota Remix) Download

2 Responses

  1. […] DeathStar, now with a capital “S”, so as not to be confused with Darth Vader’s home or whatever, has officially released their first single, a remix of Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep”.  They proclaim that they “make music that takes the deep shit and takes it to the nasty shit,” and you can be the judge of that.  But personally, this shit is so raw, Lady Gaga cant even handle it.  I’m talking intergalactic stink.  You can download this track from MartyParty‘s Soundcloud, or I provided a separate link in case that one runs out.  Plus, bitches loves choices.  Fact. […]

  2. […] The school, my young apprentice, is on a star of death. For sake of brevity, let’s call it DeathStar. Now there is much to learn from the school’s leading faculty members: Minnesota and MartyParty. […]

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