Nostalgia +1


There’s nothing that compares to reminiscing about growing up in the 90’s.  Ephixa has etched out his very own niche featuring of meme-loving, video-game crazed, pop-culture commentating hyper-dub collection of tracks.  The Legend of Zelda was an integral part of my, and most of my friends childhood, so hearing “Lost Woods” modernized with a dubstep twist is a gift welcomed with open arms.  The part I enjoy most about the track is Navi’s exclamation of “Listen!” right before the bass drops.  Oh, how many countless times I’ve heard that annoying fairy tell me to “listen,” persistently begging for my attention while I was wishing the N-64 had a STFU button I could press to hush her up.  Now, however, “listen” is the cue of a FAT drop that goes wiggity-wiggity womp.  The Deku Tree would be pleased.

Ephixa – Lost Woods (Dubstep Remix)

3 Responses

  1. […] Nostalgia +1 gave us all a small taste of childhood, but Nostalgia +2 will bring it back in full force. I’m talking Pokemon on Saturday mornings and Fruity Pebbles cereal. Zedd has masterfully brought some stink to the Temple of Time. Hyrule will be saved in no time. […]

  2. stupid navi!

  3. His raps aren’t bad either. They make my car go BUMP! 🙂

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