Time To Get Excited


Robotic Pirate Monkey, the hyper-dynamic trio out of Boulder, Colorado, just dropped their fresh remix of Aerosmith’s “Sing With Me.”  Stenches from this mud-pie can be traced all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.  Seriously though, whatever kind of fecal matter that a half monkey, half robot, half pirate, and half bear-pig produces is one of the stinkiest I’ve come encountered on my musical poo-journey.  Everything RPM has released up to now has been a gem, so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming EP Sidetracked, as it promises to bury listeners in its heaps of stinkitude.  Once Again, these next few can be found on the new StinkyBeats1 Soundcloud.

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Sing With Me (Ft. Aerosmith)

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  1. […] this week I wrote a quick post about Robotic Pirate Monkey (RPM) – the budding trio out of Boulder, Colorado.  The rest of […]

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