From Russia With Love

How do I even begin to describe Cosmonaut Grechko?  Well, for one, hes from a Russian Space Station in the year 2098, and hes sending back in time his futuristic sound capsules.  I am told that in the future they eat daily doses of music in a pill form.  If the music agrees with you, then exactly two hours later, you will make a stinky.  In other words, stinky beats are highly sought after, especially in Russia in the year 2098.  On a more serious note, if you’re anything like me and enjoy slower, sexier, feel-good beats from time to time, then you might enjoy what Cosmonaut Grechko has to offer.  Here is his remix of Joywave‘s “Traveling At the Speed of Light”

BONUS: If there is ever a Daft Punk remix, I will almost always post it, and sure enough DP is still popular in the future as Grechko sprinkles his futuristic magic all over “Too Long”

A reminder to you newbies, tracks can be found on StinkyBeats’ Soundcloud!!

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  1. […] Cosmonaut Grechko does it again and again.  What he does is bliss; Pure satisfaction and enjoyment in .mp3 format.  Do you have some work to do today?  Are you feeling a little sad?  Is your room a little too fresh, and do you want to stink it up a bit more?  That’s what I’m here for.  Kick back and enjoy the summer to this 25 minute master-mix.  For more information on this artist, check here. […]

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