Remixes of the XX That Sparkle With Stink

These gems snuck (read: stunk) themselves into my life late last night, and I only wish I could have blasted them on my stereo because of their dangerous levels of tasty BASS.  When morning turned, I had the privilege to turn up the volume a bit (as well as the sub), which I highly encourage you to do when listening to these mixes, and WOW!

The first track is from Minnesota, a youngin’ who recently took a break from classes UCSC to pursue his career as a DJ.  I cant say I blame him, with sound as unique and sexy as his, he has a promising career ahead of him, armed with an arsenal of certified club-bangers.  He’ll be at Quixote‘s in Denver on 4/14 and Cervantes on 5/19, I pray to the stink gods that I can see him live soon.  He samples the XX “Intro” and sexifies it to the extreme on his track “XX Booty.”

Next up, a man no stranger to the world of dubstep, MartyParty (in true fashion) sprinkles his wobble magic all over the the XX “Infinity.” On a side note, if you haven’t ever heard of to the XX, please do yourself a favor and listen to everything they have ever produced.

BONUS: Arguably Minnesota‘s claim to fame, not many DJ’s can successfully remix the The Mamas and the Papas, but he showcases his skills on the masterpiece “California Dreamin'”

7 Responses

  1. yeah! spreading the love. ❤ Minnesota
    just saw him a few mondays ago in Santa Rosa, CA.

    MartyParty's remix of Infinity is off the hook! you know PANTyRAiD? it's MartyParty and Ooah killin it!

    • Huge fan of Pantyraid, seen them a few times and they have insane live sets. Love ooah in general, big time glitch mob fan 🙂

  2. […] straying far from uncharted terriroty, as well as from my post just a few days ago, MartyParty once again finds his way atop the stink-o-meter, per a recommendation of a […]

  3. California Dreamin’ is by the Mamas and the Papas…other than that…its filthy

    • I can’t believe I missed that, thanks for the heads up!

  4. […] up with up-and-comer Minnesota to fuse their bass intensified talents together.  You may recall a previous post I wrote about MartyParty and Minnesota, so to some extent I can be credited for masterminding the […]

  5. […] let’s call it DeathStar. Now there is much to learn from the school’s leading faculty members: Minnesota and MartyParty. The former exudes a slower, bass-centralized style of stink, while the latter is […]

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